January 31, 2011

Wally Gonzalez - On The Road

Pinoy rock legend Wally Gonzalez was a founder of the Juan De La Cruz Band.
Hard rocking fuzzed out blues is what he's good at. Dig it.


Rock n Roll Bandits

It says California Jam '74, but none of these performances are from that show. Thats the bad news. The good news is this box set features fine performances by Ten Years After, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, BTO, Mountian, Aerosmith, Mott the Hoople, Humble Pie, Eric Clapton, Edgar Winters White Trash, The Who, and Peter Frampton.
You need to download all three links. Enjoy!

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Rory Gallagher - Cologne 1977

Rory Gallagher - WDR Rockpalast - Cologne, Germany - 7-23-77

I Take What I Want
Garbage Man
Secret Agent
Calling Card
Out On The Western Plain
Barley And Grape Rag
Pistol Slapper Blues
Tattoo'd Lady
Souped Up Ford
Bullfrog Blues
Bought And Sold

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Foghat - New Haven - 9/3/74

Great sounding live show recorded before the release of Rock and Roll Outlaws. Honey Hush smokes!


January 30, 2011

Aerosmith - Central Park 1975

Aerosmith - Shaeffer Music Festival Central Park- NY- 1975-08-29
Fm Radio


Elf - War Pigs, Courtland - 1972

Live at The Bank, Cortland, late January or early February 1972.
Soundboard Excellent stereo - 320 kbps

Ronnie James Dio's band before he joined Rainbow or Black Sabbath. Elf opened for Deep Purple during the early 70's with Ronnie on bass and vocals. Tons of covers in this show. Great sound.

Disc 1
1 Cross-eyed Mary [Jethro Tull]
2 Stay With Me [The Faces]
3 Little Queenie / Johnny B Good/ Whole Lotta Shakin' medley
4 An Old Raincoat Will Never Let You Down [Rod Stewart]
5 Cold Ramona
6 Black Dog [Led Zeppelin]
7 Lura Lura
8 Four Day Creep [Humble Pie]

Disc 2
1 Give Me A Chance
2 Rumble [Link Wray]
3 Aqualung [Jethro Tull]
4 Drown Me In The River
5 Simple Man [Graham Nash]
6 Won't Get Fooled Again/ Baba O' Riley [The Who]
7 Pisces Apple Lady [Leon Russell]
8 Dirty Dollar Bill
9 Buckingham Blues
10 So Long
11 You Shook Me / Rock's Boogie
12 War Pigs [Black Sabbath]

Ronnie James Dio - vocals / bass
Gary Driscoll - Drums / Percussion
Dave "Rock" Feinstein - Guitar
Mickey Lee Soule - Keyboards


Rainbow - Time Standing Still - Osaka, 9/12/76

Good show from the early Rainbow days.


AC/DC - The Old Waldorf, San Francisco 9/3/77

Sep 3, 1977
The Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, USA

Great sounding show from the Bon Scott days. Smokin' version of Baby Please Don't Go. Angus is off the charts and Bon sounds great. Enjoy.

Track List:
1) Intro
2) Live Wire
3) Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
4) Up to My Neck in You
5) Kicked in the Teeth
6) The Jack
7) Whole Lotta Rosie
8) High Voltage
9) Baby Please Don't Go
10) Problem Child


Sleep - Berkley, CA 1992

Ultimate Stoner/Doom from Matt Pike (High on Fire) and Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius (Om). 1992 at an unknown venue in Berkely, CA

01. Introduction 0:26
02. Stillborn 5:46
03. Inside the Sun 7:56
04. Hot Lava Man 8:39
05. Numb 3:40
06. The Suffering 5:49
07. Evil Gypsy/Solomans Theme 9:13
08. The Wall of Yawn 6:00
09. Nains Baptism (Intro) 0:32
10. Nains Baptism 2:50
11. The Druid 6.01
12. Behind the Wall of Sleep 3:24
13. Basically 0:38
14. N.I.B. 1:46


KYUSS - Bielefeld 8/22/95

Smokin' Hot stuff. 2 Discs. You need both files.

KYUSS - Bielefeld, Hechelei, 22 Aug 95

Soundboard/ Audience-matrix:

1) Intro / 100 degrees (2:50)
2) One Inch Man (3:45)
3) Tangy Zizzle (2:38)
4) Supa Scoopa And Mighty Scoop (6:32)
5) Hurricane (3:18)
6) Whitewater (9:11)
7) Fatso Forgotso Phase II (2:17)
8) Asteroid (7:27)
9) Catamaran (2:59)
10) Spaceship Landing (13:22)
11) Gardenia (7:47)
12) Allen's Wrench (4:04)
13) Freedom Run (7:34)
14) Green Machine (4:32)
15) Thee Ol Boozeroony (3:36)
16) Fatso Forgotso (4:49)
17) Odyssey (7:22)


Black Sabbath - Welcome To The Sabbath 1970

Could not think of a better way to kick this party off. Enjoy!


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